My clients tend to come to me for softer, more elegant tattoos but I enjoy tattooing anything

that makes the owner of the tattoo feel more beautiful.

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My Products and Services

Located in a vehicle that is almost perfectly designed to be a tattoo studio.

Bespoke and unique tattoos

Welcome to Forget-me-not Tattoos my name is Lindsey and I hold an honours degree in Fine Art Painting and Art History from Southampton University. I once answered an advert placed in the Maltese Times Newspaper, asking for a lady that loves to draw, and ended up running a tattoo studio in Malta.

I see myself as an artisan and as such do not specialise in my own style but prefer to concentrate on bringing my client's personal and individual ink ideas to reality.

You think it, I ink it

I am constantly surprised by who has some ink ' just for them'. It happens almost as often as people are surprised by finding out that I am a tattooist. Today you are more likely to be tattooed than not and it is a widely accepted and highly regarded art form accessible to all (who can work through the discomfort barrier). I can ink your own design or together we can create a unique image based on your preferences and ideas. 

Private and comfortable studio

If you are searching for a tattooist that works out of a converted ambulance that looks out over fields and is passionate about bringing your ink idea to reality then please contact me for a consultation. You don't have to worry about strangers viewing your session as the windows are designed not be looked into only out of. You can bring your own choice of DVD film to watch or your own tunes to concentrate on and enjoy. The interior is designed to look like a 1950s American diner and you easily forget that you are in a room on wheels.

Rework and Cover Ups

I really enjoy helping people reclaim their body. I love it when I rework or cover up a tattoo that the owner of the ink no longer connects to. You can see the relief on client's faces when they feel that part of their body belongs to them again. Don't worry it doesn't have to be covered by something twice as large and very dark. We can work together to turn an unloved tattoo into something to be loved and proud of.

I'm a dedicated individual who loves what I do. Contact me to learn more!